SCNU FLS CEP primary years is a place where all the members of the school community - students, teachers and parents work together to create a positive and innovative education environment, that is focused on life-long learning and personal excellence. Our school is a foreign language school with abundant Chinese Cultural deposit and global vision.



CEP Primary School provides integrated education that combined Chinese National curriculum and Oxford International Curriculum. Our classes are designed in accordance with Invitational Education and IB concept. Tong Wen Chinese Culture Academy effectively combines humanistic and artistic education. We will endeavor to cultivate students that are graceful and intelligent; They would proud of Chinese heritage, they would be knowledgeable students with outstanding foreign language ability and innovative mind. Meanwhile, they are also future international citizens that own broad vision and international mindedness.

CEP小学通过IE启发潜能和IB理念的运用,将牛津国际课程和中国基础课程融合; 将中华传统文化与西方现代文明有机结合,坚持中西融会、古今贯通,培养学科基础扎实,外语学科优异,创新精神突出,既有浓厚中国文化底蕴,又有国际视野和国际胸怀的未来全球化公民。

CEP primary school will help students effectively complete National Standard curriculum which including Chinese, math, English, Art and PE, Solidifying basic knowledge,meanwhile highlight students' personalized development and international integration courses.



二、特色课程介绍  Introduction of  Curriculum features

Oxford International Curriculum牛津国际课程

English curriculum combines Oxford international and National request.We hope our students are able to communicate with foreigners in English fluently by the time they finish their education.We will develop students’ English ability through Phonics, Thinking skill classes, International Understanding, EMI courses,Oxford reading and Oxford New Magic.



Sinology Study 中华国学经典

Chinese culture has a long history and sinology is like a bright pearl embedded in traditions. Readings of classics offer our young children an opportunity to inquire the traditional Chinese culture and virtues. Through the act of reciting the classics our students begin to understand and develop the concepts hidden within them, such as: love for their motherland, respect for the elders, cultivation of grit and so forth. We know that this will allow our children to embrace China and to embrace the world, while becoming a conscious global citizen.



iPad Program     iPad学习项目

With the constant improvement of wisdom campus construction and improvement of modern information technology has been as a powerful tool of students to learn and know the world, iPad BYOD Project is aimed to change students' learning style, make learning become vivid and interesting, which help students gradually develop the habits of using electronic products properly. Teachers in ipad experimental classes would apply iPad activities to help with learning.

随着智慧校园建设的不断完善和改进,现代信息技术已经作为学生学习和认识世界的强有力工具,iPad BYOD项目就是要致力于改变学生的学习方式,让学习变成生动有趣的主动的和富有个性的过程。旨在提高学生的信息化素养,培养学生自主学习的习惯。


Inquiry Activity 主题探究

Inquiry is a comprehensive curriculum where themes such as technology, humanity, Environmental-protection are involved. We apply advanced philosophy to design suitable inquiry themes. The contents include social practices, museum study, outdoor exploration, etc.We hope our students can develop their abilities to access information, being independent and cooperative, in the meantime being confident to make presentation.




Extensive Curriculum  拓展课程

Extensive curriculum is mainly composed of feature courses that brought from outside school.

Football class ---Conducting by professional foreign football coaches whom are from XinAn Pearl Football Club. Our students would experience football at school, meanwhile develop their English level.

Integrated Extensive Courses --- CEP Primary School cooperated with well-known International Education Institutions provide high quality personalized services such as elective courses, winter (summer) camp, after-school tutoring, hosting, specialty training school, the world-class for students, and so on.




三、师资团队介绍 Introduction of Great Team

管理团队介绍 CEP Management Team

CEP primary school management team was public hired by South China Normal university, it is a commitment team which seeks the effective implementation of the education concept  "Embrace China, Embrace the world". It is committed to the internationalized education and curriculum research and practice. This is a team which would let the children all over the world can enjoy the greatest education.


骨干教师介绍 Introduction of Core teachers team

The CEP primary school has set up a series of teaching and research studios like: "Chinese subject studio, mathematics subject studio, English subject studio, moral education studio, the Chinese traditional culture studio, information technology education studio, invitational education studio and internationalized education studio", to give full play to the leading role of core teachers, who are the masters of the teaching, the teaching and education experts, characteristic project director" and so on.






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