Introduction of the PIEP

华外爱培幼儿学园~PIEP (Pre-International Education Program)是由广州岭南同文教育投资管理有限公司专为3~6岁儿童打造的现代化、国际化的高端学前教育平台。公司集学前、小学、初中、IEP(爱培国际)IB项目、国际高中等优质教育产品,为学生提供一站式教育服务,也为PIEP提供优质的教学资源,与华南师范大学附属外国语学校小学IEP无缝衔接。PIEP秉承“更中国、更世界”的办学理念,以“学习者为中心”培养具有“民族情怀、国际视野”的世世界人为办学目标。


The PIEP (Pre-International Education Program) is a modern and international high-end pre-school education platform, which is specially designed for children aged from 3 to 6 by Guangzhou Lingnan Tongwen Education Investment Management Co. LTD. SCNUFL consists of a series of  high quality education products ranging from pre-school, primary school, junior high school, IB program of IEP to international high school, providing one-stop education service for students on the one hand, and offering best quality teaching resources for PIEP on the other. Inspired by the education concept of "Embrace China, Embrace the World", PIEP aims at cultivating students with "national sentiment and international vision" by using the  “student-centered” approach.



 Teaching staff


PIEP has a professional team of excellent teachers with impressive educational background, youthful spirit and full vigor. Featuring mini-class teaching, it allows every child to have enough attention from the teachers.


Curriculum Features


PIEP is dedicated to becoming a high-end international child institution authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). It adopts the international IB-PYP curriculum system and designs courses according to the "4+1" module (body, intelligence, cultural and art, social relations, and other optional courses if they like). Children’s daily school activities are related to " trans-disciplinary inquiry", "Chinese and western bilingual culture" and "sports".


Trans-disciplinary inquiry: integrating eight fields including language, mathematics, humanities, science, sports, social education, personal education and art, it brings together five elements of knowledge, skill, attitude and action, which forms the UOI exploration unit and enables younger children to have a balanced development in the inquiry.


Chinese and western bilingual culture: English immersive learning and discipline Integration of Chinese and English plays, Phonics, art, and classical Chinese classics will enable children to learn English like their mother tongue. Activities and exchange programs to study the culture of countries like England, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Australia carried out with the primary school of the SCNUFL offer precious opportunities to study and explore the combination of advanced international educational concepts with the local ones.


Sports: Children will do outdoor activies for more than 2 hours every day, including a variety of sports games like basketball and football, thus improving  children’s  physical health by way of breathing fresh air, .doing sunbathing, and taking cold showers.



Non-boundary outdoor exploration: the program organizes outdoor explorations regularly to offer children chances to embrace the nature, which also satisfy their strong curiosity and willingness to explore. It also nurtures ten most important qualities and abilities in children, which include broad mind, love and gratitude, sportsmanship and partnership, strong perseverance, the ability of survival and self rescue, and independence. 



小班  PIEP-A  (3~4岁)

中班  PIEP-B  (4~5岁)

大班  PIEP-C  (5~6岁)


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