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The Affiliated Foreign Language School of South China Normal University

The Affiliated Foreign Language School of South China Normal University, (SCNU FLS for short) was co-founded in 2015 by Tongwen Education Group and the South China Normal University. It is a high starting point, quality and modern private K-12 internationalized boarding school. The campus located in the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, at No. 2 Science Avenue of Guangzhou Science City. The campus is beautiful and unique, full of Chinese and international cultural elements, and is equipped with complete and advanced facilities.

SCNU FLS adheres to the mission of “Inspiring students’ potential, cultivating holistic person”, holds the feature of “Embrace China, Embrace the World”, practices the school motto of “Achieve Preeminence with the Integration of the Chinese and International”, which are devoted to cultivate students with holistic personality, outstanding skills and qualities, who meet with the new time's needs and endorse values of global citizenship and to build a warm, friendly and quality school.

SCNU FLS provides curricula from preschool to Grade 12, which including Chinese national curriculum (nine-year compulsory education) and as an IBO authorized school, international curricula which consist of IB PYP & MYP) and American high school program (with Cognia Accreditation) are provided independently. Great progress has been made in education and teaching, student growth, teacher development, and campus construction. The school has won a series of honors such as the National Youth Winter Sports Characteristic School, Guangdong Provincial Arts Characteristic School, Guangdong Provincial Equestrian Characteristic School, Guangdong Provincial Characteristic Education Brand School, Guangdong Provincial Youth Campus Football Promotion School and the Fidelity Award School of the Global Alliance for Invitational Education etc.

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