TEDx Talk 未来演说家 | I-EP MYP口语单元总结性评估

In an engaging MYP speaking unit, which was titled "The Language of the Future," students have embarked on a journey to understand how connections in the digital age are intricately linked to the audience through the structure and context of communication. With a focus on the AI, students prepared to deliver insightful speeches, acting as the professional experts to captivate audiences of MYP teachers and our principal.

This challenge has comprised a meticulously prepared 4-minute TED Talk and a spontaneous 3-minute IELTS speaking test, designed to assess their prowess in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, as well as body language at Phase 4 level. Evaluated against the rigorous IB Criteria C Speaking standards, the students' performances were not only a testament to their hard work but also a celebration of their ability to engage and enlighten their audiences.




学生感想 Student Sharing

Presenting my speech on "AI in Education," I drew upon thorough research and strategic use of body language to underscore the transformative power of AI. The newness of the venue brought a mix of anticipation and a challenge that sharpened my delivery. With poise and a touch of humility, I sparked a thoughtful dialogue on AI's potential in education. The stage became a conduit for the perspectives around AI in education, with audience of teachers engaging through the complex ideas presented. The experience was enriching, teaching me the effectiveness of noun clauses and body language in speeches. I'm grateful for the insights, particularly on how to begin and conclude effectively. Thanks to Mr. Truax's mentorship, the speech was both informative and resonant.

--- Andrew

Distinction Honor of AMC8 (Top 1% Globally)

Sliver Award of Bpho (Top 15% Globally)

In this unit, we were focusing on our speaking. We learned many skills for speech, like body languages, noun clauses and so on. Our topic which is AI, is a popular topic in the internet, so many people get interested in it. The process were long, and we needed to write, practice, as well as changed with the feedback until the SA day. It was super difficult, but when we go on the stage, we found out that it's worth while.

--- Amy

I learned a lot about AI, like how important grammar, words, and even body language are. I did some researches and really thought about what we learned in class to get ready for my big moment. Standing up on stage to give my speech was super scary but also really cool. I did it, and it felt awesome! I'm going to keep working hard at learning English because this experience showed me that I can do tough things if I keep trying.

--- Brayden

In our class, we got to pretend we were giving TED talks, making up speeches on the spot and ones we prepared ahead of time. I talked about how robots, like the ones I've seen delivering medicine in pharmacies, are used in hospitals. We worked on showing our feelings through our body language, making our sentences sound better, and feeling more confident when we speak. I think I got a lot better, especially at body language, but I still need to work on how I put my words together. A cool trick I learned is that if you pause for a bit when you're talking, people pay more attention. I found out a lot of cool stuff about robots and AI in hospitals and it really got me excited!

--- Grace


在“人工智能在教育中的应用”演讲中,我通过深入研究和策略性地运用肢体语言,着力阐述了人工智能的变革力量。新的技术既带来了期待,也带来了挑战,这使我的演讲更加犀利。保持着自信和谦逊的心态,我展开了一场关于人工智能在教育领域中的潜力的演讲。演讲舞台成为我传递观点的渠道,观众们被我呈现的复杂议题所吸引,并积极参与讨论。这段经历让我受益匪浅,我深刻体会到名词性从句和肢体语言在演讲中的有效性,并学到了如何有效地开启和结束演讲。此外,我还要感谢Mr. Truax的悉心指导,他让我的演讲内容更加充实,并引起了观众的共鸣。

—— 张延一



—— 陈心琪


—— 李梓汉


—— 崔砚涵

This summative assessment proved immensely successful, with our students reveling in the constructive feedback from teachers and the principal, fostering a deeper connection within the academic community and showcasing their potential as future communicators.